Little Chef Love!!

E is loving Little Chefs at Dingle Lane Sure Start Centre. Over 4 sessions at the Centre the children all get a chance to cook – the one rule is the child is in charge not the parent. We are constantly being ‘told off’ for interfering / trying to chop for them / trying to tidy up. Its all about the child learning the whole process.

Each session takes a book as a starting point and inspiration for the cooking.

What's what in the garden? - Oliver's Vegetables - Vivian French Junior BookIn week one we read Oliver’s Vegetables, chopped fruit and made fruit salad. The focus for the children was practising chopping. In week two we read My Mum is Great and made biscuits that the children decorated to look like their mum! This time their focus was on mixing.

 In week three we read The Little Fish who cries Shark! and made shark cakes (or salmon fishcakes!!). E wasn’t to sure about these as he didn’t want to eat Shark!!

Session 4 at the centre is in a couple of weeks. There’s also a 5th session at Claremont Farm on the Wirral where we get to pick our own fruit and veg and cook – very excited about that!! That’s next Weds so I’ll tell you more when we have been.


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