Olympic torch relay

Friday saw the Olympic torch in and around Liverpool. We had a crazy day and I nearly didn’t take the boys along – but at the last minute we decided to whizz up to Botanic Gardens and watch there rather than venture into town.

It proved to be a great spot – enough people for there to be an atmosphere but not too many and the boys managed to stand at the front to see the torch. We could see the procession coming over the hill and down towards us. Then a teenage girl, Chelsea, ran past carrying the torch. Our vantage point got better as we saw the torch handed on to the next person. It was all very quick but something the boys will remember for a lifetime.

Back at home we watched the rest of the torch’s journey on TV. The boys were really inspired by Craig the final torchbearer of the day. An Iraq war veteran injured and blinded in action he was chosen by the city to light the cauldron. And in doing so created one of the enduring images of the torch relay (below).

They spent Friday evening and Saturday morning ‘playing olympic torch’ with a light saber acting as the torch! It never ceases to amaze me what can inspire play. If you get chance to see the torch it really is worth it.

Craig Lundberg lifts the Olympic Torch

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