blowing dandelion clocks – walking barefoot

Childhood is an adventure – a constant roller coaster of finding and discovering and exploring. If as adults we can rediscover that adventure then we reconnect with our innate spirituality. It just takes some little steps – little things that remind us of the excitement of childhood – Like blowing dandelion clocks!

So each week I’ll post a little something to do. It may take a lot of courage to go back to childhood ways at first. It may be easier to have children with you when you do. But have a go – you never know what may happen!!

With the sun shining (and due to be here for a few more days) it somehow feels a little easier to rediscover those childhood activities.

This week try walking barefoot for a while. Children love to take off their shoes and go barefoot  – anywhere! So go to the Park the Beach or along the Street. Take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet. Enjoy the sensation of the cool grass or the texture of the sand or the heat of the street.  

Last night I was meeting the girls for a meal so decided to walk down to Lark Lane which involves going round the park. Instead I took my shoes of and walked straight across the middle – across the grass which was cool and dewy beneath me. It was one of those real moments of feeling connected – the weather and the buzz of people around all helped. But it all stemmed from walking barefoot and remembering how great that can be.

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