Pentecost – TOAST! to go

This week it’s time for another TOAST! to go. Every few months we have a Toast! to go often associated with one of the festivals, the idea is to encourage families to explore their faith together at home in a fun way. This time it’s a Pentecost bag of allsorts.

For the first 5 days of this week there is a quick activity to explore the idea of the Holy Spirit as being like the wind -balloons, bubbles, flags etc.

On Saturday there is the chance to look at a flame as we think about the flames above the disciples heads.

And finally on Sunday a birthday candle to celebrate Pentecost – the birthday of the church.

Tonight we made paper aeroplanes and flew them as we thought about the wind, which we couldn’t see but we could see how it held the aeroplane up.

Hope everyone else is having as much fun with their bag as we are!!

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