Box of Delights – Jubilee

Feel that I need to start engaging with the Jubilee! Not being much of a royalist it was starting to pass me by. But with small children at school and nursery and with June’s TOAST! taking Jubilee as a starting point I better start ‘engaging’ and quick!

So over the next few weeks I’ll post a few Jubilee ideas.

Gs school have come up with a lovely idea – The Box of Delights.

Each class is putting together a ‘Box of Delights’ for a Care Home. The teacher provides a decorated box and the children fill it with various treats for older people who remember the coronation. These can include chocolates, sweets and toiletries, the sort of items people often think twice about buying for themselves as they see them as a luxury.

This seems to be a great way of linking young children with the wider and more aging community who have lived throughout the Queen’s sixty year reign.

G has really been inspired by it – he even insisted on taking a box in for his class as the teacher hadn’t brought one in yet!! Today we went to the supermarket to choose his ‘Delights’. He spent ages choosing the best sweets and biscuits and added some toiletries too. It really has helped him understand another’s needs.

A great jubilee idea! 

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