baby play – Love is like a butterfly

This week has been hardwork – so glad the bank holiday is here. Tuesday was one of those days you think nothing else can go wrong – and then it does! But in the midst of it all were some lovely moments. Moments such as taking baby T to Baby’s First Story and Rhyme at the local Sure Start Centre.

A room full of 18 month olds and younger and their carers all spellbound by the rhymes and songs. And then came a gorgeous moment.

In the middle of the room were a couple of large blow up mattresses covered in a piece of colourful material. We were asked to lie the babies on the mattress around the edge. 2 of the centre workers unrolled a large piece of transparent material (a bit like cellophane) which had a marbled rainbow effect above the babies. T was fascinated by the light shining through. Music was played – in this case Love is like a Butterfly – as a box of tissue paper shapes (flowers and butterflies) were passed around. Each carer took a handful and put them onto the cellophane above their baby’s head. The babies stared as these new colours appeared above them.

When everyone had scattered the tissue shapes the centre workers began wafting the cellophane up and down. As they did the shapes began to flutter down around the babies. T was trasfixed as the shapes fell around her. Older children reached out and grabbed the shapes as they fell.

It was a truly magical activity and one I hope T will experience again and again. Age appropriate – appealing to the senses – a sense of magic – and something that’s not too expensive and difficult to recreate in other settings.

Have a go!

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