baby play – black and white books

Over the next few weeks I have a few new features planned for little dandelion clocks – so keep dropping in to find out more.

First up is a weekly focus on baby play. As T grows I’ll be exploring new play and activity ideas at home and out and about. You won’t be surprised to know I’m starting with books!

T had her first set of jabs yesterday and is very tired and clingy so we stayed in, cuddled and spent a lovely half hour reading a few baby books. Her favourites by far were the black and white ones.

This amazing baby book had her spellbound with its spotty frogs, stripy bees and swirly snails. If you haven’t come across amazing baby books search some out. They produce a great range of books for babies and toddlers.

Book image of Baby's Very First Black and White Books: Faces BOARD BOOK- 9781409535768 by Stella BaggottNext up was Baby’s Very First Black and White Book: Faces, a new Usbourne book. Babies love to look at faces from an early age, and this book combines the appeal of smiley faces with bold illustrations throughout.

Finally we read a second Faces book this time from Cambell Books

Faces: Baby's Very First Book Junior BookThis cloth book has been developed to appeal to babies from birth. It mixes high-contrast images, crinkly pages and a mirror to stimulate the baby’s senses. The book also has a strap, so it can be attached to cots or buggies. The mirror provoked a few confused expressions from T – I had forgotton she’d never seen herself! We had this book when E was little and as he grew he loved to look in the mirror at the start of reading.

Research over the past few years has shown that babies are attracted to beautiful patterns and bold black and white images rather than the bright gaudy images we have often offered them in the past. T certainly backed this up as we read and re read her black and white books today.

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