Belated Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great time – Easter was v low key this year with a new baby and trying to move house. Here’s what we have been up to.

  • Making 32 Nest Cakes!
  • Visiting friends we haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Viewing houses.
  • Watching the new Pirate film (dressed up of course!)
  • Making Easter Chicks and Easter Bunnies. (more of that later)
  • Visiting The Age of the Dinosaurs at The World Museum.
  • Picnicing in the park.
  • Looking for bluebells.
  • and much more.

We ended up doing a lot more Easter things after Easter than we did before. This was partly because we were busy pre Easter but partly because of the price. The supermarkets – post Easter – are full of cheap mini eggs (hence the 32 nest cakes!) and cheap Easter craft kits. So if you usually run Easter craft events stock up now. We got lots of chick and bunny kits for 27p each at the supermarket.

They are all stored away now ready for Easter 2013!


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