Holidays are here!!!

Its been slightly manic round here for the past few months – prepping for Baby Ts arrival, finishing work and then looking after a new born. But we are starting to feel a bit more ‘sorted’ I think. So its back in the blogging seat. Over the holidays I’ll post a load of ideas for activities with children and some Easter resources too.

For starters here are a couple of things I found which are now Easter presents for the boys – both from the Woodland Trust.

There was great excitement on Saturday as we visited friends in Hoylake. They had a stack of I Spy books. Those of you who were children in the 70s and early 80s must remember these – they were the mainstay of most car/train journeys and visits out. Tick of the items as you see them to score points – we loved them. Next time I’m at mums I’ll be hunting out our originals but in the meantime they are available on various websites. There are also lots of new I spys, the Woodland Trust have an I Spy in the countryside which has been written specially for them. I’ll also be getting a copy of I Spy London for visits later in the year. And to motivate the children as you collect points you can download a certificate.


I love these swatch books – amazing if you love the outdoors. Help your children (and you!) identify the trees you see using the swatches. There are also swatch books for wild flowers, fungi and butterflies.

Just a couple of things to add to days out over the holidays

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