World Book Day

Just before I start thinking about imaginative play I had to pause and celebrate World Book Day.

We are big book fans here (as regular readers of LDC will have noticed!) so any chance to celebrate books is welcome. Both the boys had World Book Day events at school and preschool. And they both decided to dress up as the same thing – a Pirate Dinosaur from Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. E went as Pirate Diplodocus and G as Pirate Stegosaurus.

We only discovered this book at Christmas but it has become a firm family favourite. When Flinn goes into the school art cupboard to find some crayons he finds a crying pirate instead! And so he and 3 friends embark on an adventure to help the pirate find his lost ship. As they locate the ship they realise it has been taken over by a bunch of Pirate Dinosaurs led by Pirate T Rex

A great adventure tale which i’d recommend to anyone with young children.    

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