Advent activity calendar

OK – here goes a run down of what we did. This year there were a few days missed but the boys had a great time getting involved in all the activities.

(Day 1-7 see earlier posts)

Day 9 – make wrapping paper.

Rolls of brown paper were unravelled (we got ours from IKEA) and potato printers made in star and Christmas tree shapes. Then the boys decorated the paper with red and silver prints. Those who received their present in this paper loved the extra special touch.

Day 10 – Celebrate Christmas at Sudley House.

Day 11 – Get Ready for Christmas at TOAST! (I’ll post about this later)

Day 12 – Read a bedtime Nativity story.

The choices this year were our family favourite The Owl and the Star and the brilliant Jesus Christmas Party.

Day 13 – make paper snowflakes

Day 14 – make rudolph cakes

Day 16 – play postmen and deliver Christmas cards to everyone in the street.

Day 19 – Go to Sudley House, collect twigs and make twig stars.

Day 20 – make snowstorms

Day 21 – Put the tree up (finally!!)

Day 22 – Go to The Snowman at the Philharmonic

Day 24 – Celebrate Christmas Eve at TOAST! (more of that later)

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