advent activity calendar catch up!

Advent still hanging under the cloud of illness but we plod on!

Day three: make the christmas cards. These are still in production so I’ll post images once we are done!

Day four: Go to the Christmas party at Church.

One of my favourite ‘tips’ for Christmas parties with little ones is to never quite see Santa. We rang bells outside so the children could hear them then followed the sound. As we reached another room the figure of a disappearing Santa could be seen but all that was left was a pile of presents. Perfect – no scared children but still exciting presents. E was especially impressed that Santa knew he couldn’t eat chocolate!

Day five: Read a Christmas bedtime story.

We try to keep it simple in the week as the boys are tired – this activity is a favourite.

E chose Dear Santa by Rod Campbell. They both still love the classic Dear Zoo and this mimics the pattern of that story. Each present is too big – too small – too messy etc. Until finally the perfect present is found – a kitten.

G chose the Christmas book of the Aliens Love Underpants series – Aliens Love Panta Claus. The aliens get into the Christmas spirit updating traditions with underpants! They swap stockings for underpants, string knickers on the Christmas tree and dress a snowman in underpants. Finally when Santa’s sleigh breaks he hitches a ride in their spaceship and lowers himself down the chimney on a string of underpants!


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