shoe boxes

Sorry it’s been so quiet here for a few weeks – getting everything ready to finish work has taken over a bit!

Yesterday felt like the first stuttering start to Christmas – shoebox packing. G wanted to fill a shoebox to take for the school collection today. The first tricky bit was finding a shoe box to fill as we didn’t seem to have any (note to self – keep hold of any shoeboxes I come across over the next 12 months!)

Then I negotiated 2 small boys in a shop buying presents to fit in a shoebox! There was a lot of ‘That’s too big’ but eventually we came out with a selection for a 2-4 year old girl. Then home to pack.

To make us feel a little Christmassy I made hot chocolate and marshmallows for the boys and we sat together and decorated and packed the box. The boys loved it and started to understand why they needed to send presents to others. There was a little confusion over why Father Christmas didn’t just take everyone some presents! Mmm good question?!?



G really wanted to know where his box was going. Thankfully this year you can pay your donation on line, if you do you get a barcode to put in the box and will be sent the name of the country your box has gone to. G set off proudly to school today with his box – he spent the half hour before leaving for school driving us mad asking when we were leaving!

If you haven’t yet do look at the Operation Christmas Child website. This year you can even pack a box online. So if – like us – you can’t find a shoe box get online and make a virtual one.

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