Rainbow Fish

Yesterday in Sparklers was the turn of The Rainbow Fish – a tale of a beautiful fish with sparkly scales who refuses to share his scales.

When Rainbow Fish is rude to the other fishes they don’t want to play with him and no longer admire his beautiful scales. Upset by this the Rainbow Fish goes to see the wise octopus who tells him to share his scales with the others. Rainbow Fish isn’t convinced until the little blue fish comes and asks for a scale. Reluctantly Rainbow Fish gives him his smallest sclae and is amazed at the feeling that comes over him. Soon he is sharing his scales with all the others, has a host of friends and is finally happy.

A beautifully told tale of friendship and sharing this is a real favourite in our house.

In Sparklers we read the story together and talked about sharing – we made sparkly fish with sequins and shiny shapes – we played with toy fish in the water – we made fish sponge prints. Finally we talked together about the ways God wants us to share with others.

A lovely story with a strong but simple message.

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