The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Second in our series of children’s books at Sparklers was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.



We told the story using a story bag and then invited the children to come back and tell the story themselves during the session. The focus of our storytelling was the VHC turning into the butterfly and we spent time talking about the change from caterpillar to butterfly.

There were a variety of activities for them to do (we have a lot of VHC stuff at home!!).

They played the VHC game – Had a go at the VHC jigsaw – Dressed up as the VHC – Played VHC dominoes. We made cards with a caterpillar on the front and a butterfly inside. The caterpillars were made with the children’s fingerprints and the butterflies with their handprints.

Then we coloured pictures of the butterfly, cut them out and stuck the body onto the short end of bendy straws. Then as the children held the long end of the straw they could make the butterfly fly.

We flew the butterflies back to the story mat and I told the children the VHC reminded me of another story. We then explored the Easter story together using the fabulous Where is Jesus? book by Marjory Francis and Helen Gale.

I’ve used the VHC a few times as a starter to an Easter session but never on its own. But I was amazed how well the Sparklers related the 2 stories and especially the idea of the caterpillar inside the cocoon and Jesus inside the tomb. (Judging by Gs comments through the afternoon it had him thinking!) It was a great way of tackling the new life / resurrection ideas in a way that was easily accessible to the children.


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