There were a lot of teabags at Greenbelt – and not just making cups of tea! A number of things I went along to featured the great British teabag – so I thought I’d post them all together.

As part of Messy Psalms lead by the Messy Church team there was a Tea Bag Cheerer (which focussed on Psalm 6). We took a paper plate – wrote To cheer you up…. across the top – decorated it – added a little paper pouch and put a teabag in. The boys loved making one for their dad but he was a bit unsure why they felt he needed cheering up!! 

In Soul Space visitors were encouraged to Take a fair trade tea bag and spend some time sharing it with a friend. 

And as part of the Dream worship we used tea bags in the Blessings Bag. The blessing read May you take the memories of what you have learned here and share them with your home friends. Think of someone at home that you will tell about Greenbelt and take a tea bag to share with them.

So hopefully lots of tea drinking has been taking place across the country since Greenbelt!

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