worship co-operative

Some of the best bits of Greenbelt for me were in the worship co-operative where worship was hosted by a diverse range of communities.

Grace led Yearn which revisted the story of the prodigal son. This story was also the focus of Prodigal Cartooning led by Sanctuary (Bath) and building on inspiration from the ASBO Jesus cartoons.

But the 2 highlights for me  were very different experiences.

Beyond from Brighton led Unsafe space where you were encouraged to explore the boundaries of theological thinking but also explore your own doubts and questions in a safe unsafe space. The setting was amazing with leaders dressed in chemical protection suits and ‘warnings’ everywhere. There were film clips, personal reflection and a chance to ‘Talk to an Orthodox heretic’. A very challenging and thought provoking event.

At the other end of the spectrum Dream offered Bricks and Mortals a chance to reflect on home and how we take the dreams of Greenbelt home. We created images of things we missed at home (both boys created playdough beds), shared communion in small groups and filled blessings bags as we thought about the blessings we would take from Greenbelt and the people we should tell about them. A great interactive all age event. We took a 5, 4 and 3 year old and they all loved it!

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