Summer TOAST!

This week we held an ‘informal’ TOAST for the summer. It was a chance to get together and catch up and for the children to be involved in some activity in the long summer holidays.

Last year we did a full TOAST! and there were 3 families – which was great but a lot of effort for a small gathering. So this year we went for the easy option. DVD!

As the children arrived we had a few activities (playdough, icing cakes, bricks, chalk boards). Then we set up a mini cinema.

No tea this week so instead we had cinema snacks (popcorn, raisins, chocolate krispi cakes, fruit) and of course homemade cake for the adults (lemon cupcakes this week!).

Once everyone had their snacks we sat down to watch Veggie Tales The Ballad of Little Joe – the story of Joseph starring a family of peas! Then encouraged the children to find the ‘proper story’ in Bibles at home or that they borrowed from TOAST!

5 families came along so well worth doing – and was easy set up and easy clean up so still felt like we had a break.

Now to start getting ready for Sept!

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