Publicity at TOAST!

Sorry blogging still v behind – there’s been a lot going on at home.

Recently a few people have given great feedback on the way we publicise TOAST! to those involved. So I thought I’d share what we do. Its not rocket science but seems to be doing the trick.

As we only meet once a month its important that anyone who has been to a previous TOAST! gets a reminder the week before. In our case we give them 2!

One is a postcard – we have a set of TOAST postcards printed at the start of each term with the dates and any additional activities. On one side of the postcard there is a space for the child’s name and address and we post these out the week before. We have the postcards done on vistaprint ( Its a great way to get good quality material at a reasonable price.

Then every parent gets a second reminder some by text, others by e mail and others face to face.

On the whole it seems to work and guarantees our numbers stay steady or grow. I was talking to someone who runs a Messy Church once a month. One month they had 48 and the next 6. And the main reason seems to be lack of a reminder – a month is a long time!

At cafechurch we use Facebook and text as that suits the people there better.

What would work for you?

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