Cake at TOAST!

I’m really behind on blogging about TOAST! and the last few sessions there. So for the next few days I’m going to catch up on that and add a few extra thoughts too – starting with cake!

When TOAST! began we made the decision that the food would be a light snack (toast, fruit, crisps, sandwiches) and that we would provide food for the children not the adults. As we meet at 4pm on a Sunday many families have had a big lunch. This has worked well and some families use this as an opportunity for the adults to sit down together and have food later on. We’ve asked a few times if people want to change this but the adults are much happier with this way.

But recently (thanks to my co leader) we have started providing cake for the adults. And it has been a big hit. A really nice homemade cake – different type each week – plus some alternative for dietary requirements. It means parents are still able to eat together later (as long as they haven’t eaten too much cake!) but that sense of hospitality is there.

They feel valued and cared for. It’s a lovely treat. And they don’t have to steal their children’s food if they are a bit peckish!

All in all a great succes – why not give it a go.

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