G had his first experience of school today. Just an hour in reception but it was enough to make me cry – he was fine! But it got me thinking.

I’ve always been keen to mark the transitions in the boys lives but to date there haven’t been that many. E being born and G going to pre school have been the main 2 and we have marked them both. But what do I do for such a major transition – (any ideas welcome!)

Chatting about it last night one thing we have decided to do is make a scrapbook of all the things G enjoyed doing from birth until going to school and particularly his special friends. He has been lucky to grow up with some great friends who he has known from being a few weeks old. Some will be at his new school and others not – so lots of photos needed!

As we talked G was also keen to go back to some of the places he doesn’t go now he is at pre school – so we will fit some of that in too. And a lot of freedom and choice – time to do whatever – time just to be as, while that can happen in holidays, there won’t be as much time as during term time.

There will be other places to mark the transition. At pre school they have a ‘graduation’. At TOAST! we mark this each year and give the children going to school a special book ‘Get Ready Go’ produced by Scripture Union.

How do you mark the transitions and rites of passage? I’d love to hear.

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