Amazing books

Apologies I’ve been absent for a few days but half term creativity called. We had a great week, I’ll share a few of the highlights during this week.

Probably my highlight though was a trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle (while visiting my brother). It is the only venue dedicated to the display and collection of Children’s Literature and for our family is a real favourite destination.

Last week was Pirate week there – so the boys, naturally, dressed up as pirates and had great fun walking round saying ‘Aha me hearties’ to anyone else dressed as a pirate! We made pirate telescopes, flags and wanted posters and took part in the pirate storytime. And we did the pirate treasure trail drawing pirate maps and pirate dens – inventing names for our pirate and their ship – at the end we exchanged the finished trail for some pirate treasure!

As well as all that we explored the whole of Seven Stories, discovered new books and revisited loved stories. Here’s a taster of what we read.

On our last visit to Seven Stories we visited There’s Nuffin like a Puffin exhibition and met Mr Big. The boys dressed up as Mr Big and we bought the book on the way out. Since then it has been a much loved story – so we returned to the exhbition again.

Mr Big by Ed Vere is the story of a Gorilla who doesn’t fit in anywhere because he is so big. This makes him sad and so he sits at his piano and plays. As his beautful music drifts across the city people flcok to listen. Eventually he is invited to play with a band which he does. Soon everyone knows and loves Mr Big. A great reminder to children that although we may feel like we don’t fit in we are all individuals and all have gifts.

This time the new book we encountered was Changes by Anthony Browne. G sat and read it with one of the staff and then ran to find me to read it to me and wanted to tell everyone about it! So we bought it and everyone G has met since has been told about the book.

Changes is about a boy who overhears his mum tell his dad that things are going to change but he doesn’t know why. So he imagines all sorts – a bike with an apple wheel, the armchair turning into a gorilla, an elephant’s trunk in the wall. At the end he discovers that the ‘change’ is the arrival of his new baby sister. A great book for 3-6 year olds awaiting the arrival of a new sibling as many of these types of books are written for younger children and address whats happening rather than the child’s feelings.

I loved the Anthony Browne exhibition as Willy and Hugh and Gorilla are two of my favourite books.

Willy and Hugh is the tale of Willy who is lonely and doesn’t have many friends until he meets Hugh. They are both very different but each has something special he can bring to the new friendship.

In Gorilla Hannah’s dad works all day and at night is too tired to do anything. All Hannah wants to do is go to the zoo. The night before her birthday as she sleeps a Gorilla visits her and takes her on a magical adventure to the zoo. It’s the best time in Hannah’s life – until she wakes the next day. As she wakes on her birthday Dad offers to take her to the zoo and they finally spend time together.

If you are ever in Newcastle or passing Seven Stories is well worth a visit.

And finally the new book E chose was back to the Pirate theme. He chose Yo Ho Ho! A Pirating We’ll Go by Kaye Umansky and Nick Sharratt

And an excellent choice it is! A series of poems explore 5 children setting out as pirates from leaving home to deciding how to wear their hat to finding treasure and spotting a mermaid.


A great set of books and hopefully some that will inspire you.

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