A worrying child and a great book

It has been a tricky few days with G. He was really unsettled over the weekend – kept saying he didn’t want to change and could he stay with mummy and daddy forever. We weren’t sure where this conversation had come from. Then he became worried that Grandma was going to die because she had white hair Then he began fretting that he would die. We had tears, not sleeping, not wanting to go to preschool but still we were not sure where this had come from.

Finally on Weds he crawled into my bed in the early morning and started crying. As we talked it became apparent someone had brought a book into nursery and in it there was a man who grew old and died (it turned out to be a book on the life cycle of a human!!!). That was the cause of the anxiety.

To try and help G deal with this we sat together and read The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside and Frank Rodgers.

A great book in which Jenny carries her worries around in huge bag. The worries look like tiny monsters and you see Jenny getting anxious, not sleeping and not telling anyone about this HUGE bag of worries. Eventually the lady from next door encourages her to let her worries out. Some disappear as soon as they see the light of day, some are other people’s worries, some are kissed away or blown away and some are worries that we all have. Eventually the bag is empty and Jenny throws it away.

G related to how the worries made Jenny feel – it opened him up to talk about why he couldn’t sleep. He decided to think about nice things to take up the space his worries were filling and we threw the worries out the window. I’m sure it won’t be quite that straight forward but it gave G a way to talk about how he was feeling and deal with it.

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