Big boys do cry!

I love the drama of the last day of the football season (S did point out I may not like it as much if it were Liverpool in the relegation zone!). And yesterday was a classic.

But what I was left reflecting on was the power of the final scenes. Now I don’t want to glorify anyones anguish but how positive to see that grown men (and women) do cry. Whether it be small boys, older men, football players, young men all were in tears – even in the macho world of football it is OK to cry.

In a society where we constantly hear the phrase ‘big boys don’t cry’ lets hope yesterday chipped away at that a little. Lets just hope that some boys out there saw that crying is OK. Certainly G remembers more the tears of Birmingham fans than the glory of United.

I’m sorry to see Blackpool and Birmingham go down but ‘thank you’ to all the fans and players for wearing your emotions on your sleeves.

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