Happy Easter!


Happy Easter and hope you have had a great day. Here it was the slightly sugar fuelled chaotic Easter you have with little people!

So to calm down proceedings this afternoon we decided to make our Easter Garden from the Toast! kits.

This is the second ‘Toast to go!’ (the first being the nativity trail) and the thinking behind them is to provide opportunities for families to explore their faith and spirituality as a family at home.

The idea from this one was ‘stolen’ from something done a few years ago at graceway in NZ.

Each family connected to TOAST! was given a gift bag which contained sand, a silver tray, lolly sticks, twine, plasticine, foil and white cloth. Instructions for making an Easter garden were included along with a rewriting of the Easter story. Families were encouraged to make theirs at home and then e mail me the pictures.

Finally they were asked to think together as a family – if you met Jesus in the garden what would you say to him and what do you think he would say to you?

Yesterday one of the TOAST! older boys showed me their garden and told how he had worked with his grandad who lives a distance away, to make the garden. Someone else had made theirs with their ‘early morning’ children. I can’t wait to get all the photos back and will post some here.

We had great fun making ours and it was a good opportunity to talk through the story. Finding a large enough stone for the front of the cave took ages!!

It has been a great way to carry TOAST! on between sessions and to encourage families exploring faith.

Toast! to go is here to stay.

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