Happy Christmas!

Yes last week at TOAST! we celebrated Christmas! It was the hottest day of the year so far and we had tinsel up and the nativity costumes out. The reason being in February at TOAST! we asked the children to vote for their favourite Bible story and committed to choosing the top 2 as the theme for the March and April TOAST!s. And guess what number 2 was – Christmas!

To be honest it was so refreshing to plan a Christmas event without all the added pressure December brings – I’m voting for more April Christmas’s.

Our main focus was God loved the world so much he sent Jesus. And we did it all in the context of a party.

There was cake icing with candles in and ‘Jesus the light of the world’ written onto the paper plates.







There was a Pass the Parcel with the words of the message hidden in the layers.

We made paper chains with the names of the people we love written on.

We went on a treasure hunt to find the characters of the nativity story.



Balloons were blown up and labels saying ‘Thank you for Jesus’ tied onto them.

And of course there was party food – and even crackers (thanks mum!)

And finally all the children got a Christmas present!

All in all a great party and a lovely relaxed exploration of why we celebrate Christmas without the added pressure. Easter in November maybe??


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