All ages together.

Yesterday was a busy day with TOAST! etc – there’s a lot to blog about this week so watch this space!

Strangely one of the best bits of the day was something I got involved in last minute and so didn’t have time to give much thought and prep. to. I sometimes lead the all age part at the start of the Sunday service and ended up doing yesterday but with short notice. So I decided to go low key and low tech. I simply asked what people had given up for Lent then asked them to think of one thing big or small they could do in Lent to put a bit more of God into their lives. Maybe using prompts to pray such as praying for a charity everytime you had a £2 coin and then giving it to the charity. Praying for the person in front of you in the bus cue. Or relational stuff such as showing God’s love with a smile. Inviting the neighbours round you’ve been meaning to invite round for ages.

Then came the interesting bit – I asked all the under 35s to come to the front of church (which was about half). Then I asked them to go and meet with one of the people still sat down and share with them what they were going to do – find out a bit about them – and committ to checking how they were doing over the Lent period.

And that was the bit people loved. A simple opportunity to meet with people they saw week in week out but didn’t always get chance to talk to. A number of the older people came to me at the end and said how much they had valued that.

In some ways the Lent stuff was additional the real importance lay in people from across the generations meeting and chatting.

Let’s do more of it!

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