It’s TOAST! this Sunday. Everything was planned and ready until yesterday. You may remember the children voted at the last TOAST! on what we would do for the next 2. So this weeks is Noah – which following the tsuinami in Japan yesterday has raised a whole load of issues.

Do we continue with this story? – we’ve decided yes as doing otherwise looks like we are running away from the issues.

How do we acknowledge what has happened? – with older children I would confront the issues raised but with under 8s (the average age of the group is 3 1/2) many of them won’t be aware of what has happened or won’t make the link.

But the adults will – we can’t just carry on business as usual and ignore the tsuinami. So after much discussion there will be a prayer area for the adults (and any children who want to use it) and someone available if people want to talk things through.

Not sure how well this will all work but it feels like another facet of TOAST! to explore – How do we address issues within the context of worship for young children and their families? How do we make sure adults can ask the questions and have the discussions they need to?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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