what do you know?

Can I relate 2 small incidents from last weekend? But 2 that got me thinking.

On Saturday we were driving along talking about a friend of the family Tom who is about to move to another city. G suddenly said ‘Tom loves God’ closely followed by ‘I love God to’.

Then on Sunday we had visitors in our Sunday group. We were doing an over view of Jesus’ life using sand, puppets, water play, building blocks etc. As we went round one of the visitors had all the answers – knew all the stories – had all the facts at her fingertips. I was starting to feel inadequate myself and certainly as the group leader. None of the children had that knowledge level. But then it hit me like a lightening bolt!

I don’t actually want the children to be able to recite stories or facts. I want them to feel and experience it. So the fact that G can say that he loves God. That he is currently trying to work out how to talk to God is more important than the facts. 

Hopefully the visitor to the group – as well as reciting the facts – has the experience to ground it.

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