Fairtrade choices

From being little I have tried to give the boys a sense of their place in a wider world and their responsibility to others within that. But despite buying loads of fairtrade goods we haven’t really talked about that aspect – until Tuesday.

cafechurch on Tuesday night focussed on our responsibility to and for the environment and led into fairtrade. Fairtrade Fortnight starts next week so we wanted to give people a challenge to follow through and bring back to the next cafechurch.

So at home I made fridge magnets for people to write their challenges / pledges onto and stick on their fridges. I was explaining all this to G and he asked what fairtrade was. So I tried in as clear a way as possible to explain – and he got it. Well he got the basics at least – that it isn’t fair to pay someone a wage that doesn’t reflect the work they have done and the money the ‘product’ will bring in. In fact he was really angry that this could happen.

So my challenge to you as we head towards Fairtrade Fortnight is not just to take on something fairtrade because its Fairtrade Fortnight. But to get angry about the injustices behind it all. To be ‘childlike’ in your indignation at this ever being allowed to happen. And then to use that to motivate your action.

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