spotty soldiers, soap making and favourite stories!

A packed afternoon at TOAST! on Sunday. (I’m still exhausted!) We were launching a new series on favourite stories so as the children arrived we asked them to tell us their favourite children’s story and favourite Bible story. We also promised that the favourite Bible stories would be the subject for the next couple of TOAST! sessions. Can you guess what they were? I’ll tell you at the end of this post!

We went on to explore the story of Naaman – as that was my favourite story when I was little! No great theological reason just that I had a book where you could lift the spots on and off Naaman So we made our own version using acetate to stick the spots onto.

Naaman pre healing

Naaman after healing

Then picking up on the ‘washing’ and healing idea we had bath crayons to draw spots on to your self and then wash off – bandages and teddies to bandage – toy people to wash – bubbles – and finally Soap Making!

We hired a soap making kit (very cheaply!) and persuaded a couple of the young people to come along and make soap. The kids loved it and all went home with bags full of soap they had made.

They agreed that Naaman would probably have preferred soap to the muddy river Jordan!

After a dramatic retelling of the story involving the children we had tea and then revealed the results of the Bible Story vote.

The winners are…….

Christmas and Noah!

I knew that would happen. So in April we will be exploring the Christmas story!

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