Champagne moments

I was at a (dull) conference this week and somehow we got to talking about cheap champagne! Just when do you drink it?
One person there said they always had 2 bottles of good champagne in the fridge and celebrated with champagne at least once a week because “There’s always something to celebrate”. We were all astounded and inspired by this. Soon we came round to seeing there is always something to celebrate – we just often let these things go unnoticed.

With 2 small children we celebrate lots of small things – pronouncing a word correctly, cleaning teeth well, counting. And we celebrate the big things too! But when do we loose this – at what age do we stop celebrating the small stuff – at what age do we stop clapping, saying ‘good job’, giving stickers for the smallest things – when do we save champagne only for the big things.

Life is worth celebrating, the small stuff is worth celebrating, just getting on with the everyday is worth celebrating. OK these might not all be champagne moments but we need to stop and notice the little successes and moments that are worth celebrating. And we need to help children hold on to that ability to celebrate the small stuff.

So what will you celebrate today?

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