playdough is for everyone!

Having a mad ‘making’ week. TOAST! last weekend and G’s 4th birthday this weekend is leading to a crazy round of making stuff. The kitchen is a mess but its all good fun!

And a big feature seems to be playdough. At Sparklers on Sunday morning we made playdough animals (creation). So as the playdough was still around I put it out for TOAST! with some star cutters – just an extra activity but I think most had a go.

So now I need to make a new batch of playdough for G’s party -monsters. (recipe in action resources)

Arrived in work Monday and there was a pot of playdough on the youthworker’s desk. He uses it a lot with young people especially those in one of the high achieving schools in the area. For young people being pushed academically spending some time playing with playdough as they talk is a great release.

At a number of the groups (adult) I lead we use playdough. Sometimes it’s to create an image or symbol. But the real value of playdough lies in the texture, that familiar smell, the colours – a truly sensory experience. For those who find it difficult to talk having something else to do at the same time is really helpful so – just as with the young people – using playdough to create as you talk can enhance and enable discussion.

Yes playdough is often seen as a child’s activity but it is for everyone – have a go yourself!

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