lantern prayers

On Sunday at TOAST! we were marking Epiphany and exploring the story of the wise men / kings / magi / sages whatever you call them. There were lots of star activities (more of those later in the week). And at the end we went on a star hunt.

I had placed huge star lights in a trail around the building and turned the normal lights out. After telling the first part of the wise men’s story we followed the stars – just as they did – until we found the baby sleeping in the manger. The children were mesmerised by following the star so as they sat we talked about the trust the wise men placed in the star and so in God. They thought about the things they wanted to trust God for in 2011 and wrote these onto gift tags.

Then came the outdoors part! We went outside and walked round to a piece of community land behind the church. Each of the children carried a glo stick as we went. All the prayer tags were attached to Chinese lanterns with tape and then we sent them up!

The first took quite a while to light (it was a bit like BBQs – all the men gathered round to offer an opinion!). But once it was floating up, closely followed by the second, it was amazing to see. As I had used christmas gift tags for the prayer tags the shiny side reflected the light as the lanterns rose which looked beautiful.

Sadly we were all so entranced with the lanterns that we forgot to take a picture – but I’m sure all of us there will keep the picture in our heads.

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