to infinity and beyond!

Watched the Disney Pixar documentary on BBC3 last night – really inspiring.

Anyone who has been in recent training I’ve led on working with mixed age groups or reaching families will have heard me refer to Disney Pixar films at some point. They are a great resource for meeting everyone’s needs. Pixar films have a way of appealing to adults and children in both their story and humour. And each has their individual message or messages hidden within them. 

Whether it be the love of a father shown in Finding Nemo or the friendship of Monsters Inc. Whether the beauty of the dance in Wall E or the madness of the race in Cars. They all have the ability to touch us and reach us on a deeper level. Which adult wasn’t moved and challenged by the life story sequence at the beginning of Up!?

Over the next few weeks a project I’m involved in will post resources to support using some of these films. I’ll let you know when the web site is up and running.

But what was truly inspiring in the documentary was the Pixar place of work. There were people going round on scooters,  huge Pixar characters everywhere, people playing table tennis, cafes, beach hut/shed style office areas, toys to play with – a kids paradise but filled with adults. Because at Pixar they recognise that to truly connect with children you have to re connect with your child like self.

And that is what is at the core of little dandelion clocks. That in order to support children in their spirituality and creativity – in order to take them on a journey of faith – we need to re connect with our own child like self. That is what blowing dandelion clocks is about. Each Tuesday I post an idea or a challenge to help you to re connect.

I’m not saying that is easy. Rolling down a hill or jumping in puddles might make you feel a little foolish. As adults the excuses of time commitments, jobs to do etc. get in the way. But if by connecting with your child like self you produce Toy Story (or your equivalent) I say go for it.  

blowing dandelion clocks will be back for 2011 next week. In the meantime get a Disney Pixar film out, sit down and watch it. Enjoy. Laugh. Re engage with your child like self.

You never know you might just produce your own Toy Story!

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