advent activity calendar / nativity trail

DAY TWENTY TWO: the TOAST! nativity trail is at our house today.

The final stop of the TOAST! nativity trail is at our house. (On Friday it will go to the crib service as the characters tell the Christmas Story). 

I lost count of how many times we retold the story this afternoon – the boys loved taking on different parts and telling the story in their own words.

(see earlier posts and the nativity trail section for more details)

As they were playing I read through the book that went round with the set. In it people had written, drawn and taken photos of the nativity story in their home. And there were some fabulous bits and pieces in there. At one house Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) made a guest appearance as the Inn Keeper. One little girl invited the builder to Jesus’ birthday party. The lack of an angel in the set caused all kinds of toys to make special appearances as the angels (at my house it was Mr Happy because he is yellow!). And everyone told of how the set was used to re tell the story to parents / grand parents / siblings / friends.

Keeping track of the set and making sure it got to the right house on time has been hard work (at one point it got stranded by the snow!). But well worth it for the way the children have responded.

It has been about using play as a key way of exploring the nativity story.

It has been about families exploring and playing together.

It has been about placing the nativity story right at the centre of Christmas.

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