advent activity calendar / boats

DAY FOURTEEN: make walnut boats together

One of the great things about the activity calendar is being able to move things around and add new things if I want to. These boats didn’t start in the original activity calendar but I discovered them on the Bristol Parenting Cafe blog and loved them. ( A great site for lots of family activity ideas.

1. Crack the walnuts in half and take out the nuts (and eat them!). That is the most difficult part!

2. Place a blob of plasticine / blu tac / playdough in the bottom of the shell

3. Run glue around the edge of the walnut shell and dip it into glitter.

4. Take a piece of paper (coloured paper, thick wrapping paper, paper bags) and cut into a sail shape. Thread this onto a cocktail stick or small straw.

5. Fix the straw into the plasticine and your boat is made!

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