advent activity calendar / Christmas books

DAY SEVEN: Read the nativity story together at bedtime

This sounds a very simple and quick activity but needless to say it wasn’t! It involved reading 7 versions of the nativity story including one with jigsaw pieces and a couple of ‘touch and feel’ ones. The boys love the nativity story in whatever format and it did remind me of my 2 favourite versions to read with children.

Little Owl and the Star is a gorgeous tale of an owl encountering the happenings of the first Christmas. At the beginning he has a ‘waiting feeling’. A star comes along and invites him to join its journey. The star shows Owl the shepeherds and the angels, the travelling men and their camels and finally takes him to the stable. Owl flies down to see what is happening and meets Mary and Joseph and their baby. When the baby smiles at Owl his ‘waiting feeling’ goes away. That night the whole world is filled with light. Little Owl and the Star is filled with beautiful illustrations as well as a great story. This really is a beautiful book to read with small children.

My other favourite is very different. It’s loud and active and funny. It’s Jesus’ Christmas Party.

The grumpy innkeeper is in bed trying to get some sleep when there is a knock at the door followed by another and another. First Mary and Joseph then Joseph then the shepherds then the wise men. Each time his shout of ‘Round the Back’ gets louder. Finally he goes to see what all the fuss is about and as soon as he sees the baby his grumpiness leaves him. This is a great book to read a loud, to join in the actions to or to use as a basis for a drama.

So what are your favourites?

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