A couple of weeks ago I was leading a session and we got to talking about spirituality. In the midst of the conversation one group member told of a deep experience she had as a child. She was about 6 when this happened and now is in her 5os yet it is still there ‘like a video playing’.

She was out walking for the day with her family and was sat having lunch when she suddenly felt ‘like I was from the earth’. She talked about the colours looking different and brighter and the sounds being sharper and more tuneful. It was a strong spiritual experience that has lasted a lifetime. An experience that still shapes who she is today.

It got me thinking about children today – how many are given the space to have these expereinces. With heavily programmed lives they often miss the chances to sit and be.

It challenged me as a mother to take this on board and make sure my children have the space I was gifted as a child.

And as a children’s leader how do I make space in the things I plan for children to just be?

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