Guerilla Gardening?!

Sat down with a coffee yesterday and read some of the new oh comely magazine (which is gorgeous – read it if you can get hold of a copy). In the first issue was an article on a kind of ‘guerilla gardening’ plot they have been involved with.

If you haven’t come across it guerilla gardening is finding an uncared for piece of public land, sowing some seeds, looking after them and eventually finding a garden has grown up.

Having blogged about The Flower yesterday the 2 things came together in my head to create an ‘idea’! Can we get children involved in a bit of ‘legal guerilla gardening’ if there is such a thing!! And in doing so bring a bit of life to otherwise dull areas.

Around the outside of the church I go to is a horrible concrete path which is worn in places. I need to investigate more but I’m hoping to get some of the children involved in planting around that area  where there is some soil. We won’t tell anyone what we are up to and see what their response is when a garden appears. 

Maybe you have a similar piece of land. Or could you do a bit of ‘mini guerrila gardening’ in your own garden or the garden of a relative? Just remember to only tell those involved and then listen to the amazement when the flowers appear.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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