16 Amazing moments

Throughout 2014 Toast! families are being challenged to experience 16 (or more) Amazing Moments in God’s Amazing World. A chance to experience those Wow! moments in the natural world. Simple things which can lead to amazing moments. In case you want to join in here is the list of what we are up to.

January     On a clear night GO STARGAZING.

February    Get up early and WATCH THE SUNRISE.

March        PLANT SOME SEEDS and watch them grow during the year.

April          See if you can FIND A CARPET OF BLUEBELLS.

May           On a rainy day pull on your wellies and go PUDDLE JUMPING.

June          Find somewhere to ROLL DOWN A HILL.

July            At the park or on the beach go on a NATURE TREASURE HUNT.

August      Ask someone to help you DRAW ROUND YOUR SHADOW.

September Go to the park and RUN THROUGH THE LEAVES.

October      Go on a hunt to COLLECT CONKERS.

November  On a windy day go outside and RUN IN THE WIND.

December  At the end of the day WATCH THE SUNSET.

Anytime     On a snowy day wrap up warm and PLAY IN THE SNOW.

Anytime    See if you can SPOT A RAINBOW.

Anytime   Spread some seeds by BLOWING A DANDELION CLOCK.



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